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Bilateral Meetings Event on Zero Energy Buildings Technologies and policies.

Bilateral Meetings Event on Zero Energy Buildings Technologies and policies.


On the occasion of the 7th experts group meeting of the joint group SHC Task 40-ECBCS Annex 52 "Towards Net Zero Solar Energy Buildings" of the International Energy Agency, the ENEA EEN BRIDGEconomies will organize a Bilateral Meetings Event on Zero Energy Buildings Technologies and Policies. At the event SMEs, Universities, Research Centres and Public Administration involved in energy efficiency and/or use of renewable sources of energy activities will have the opportunity to meet the Zero Energy Building experts in one-to-one meetings in order to:

  • exchange of ideas and information;
  • discuss on the ZEB Experts activities outputs;
  • transfer of know-how;
  • establish co-operation in the area of renewable sources of energy and energy efficiency.

Main topics:

  • Solar technology/Photovoltaic
  • Insulation
  • Heating/Cooling/Ventilation
  • Heat recovery
  • Building integration
  • Solar architecture

Who will participate: Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB) experts and their own host organizations.

The most relevant companies, universities, research institutes, public administrations and stakeholders involved in Zero Energy buildings technologies and policies.

Language:  English (ITA - ENG interpreting service could be provided)

Costs: Free of charge

Dates for your agenda  

  • 30 Apr 2012 Registration and submission of Guest profiles
  • 6 May 2012 Online selection of face-to-face meetings
  • 10 May 2012 Bilateral Meetings (15:00 - 17:30)
  • 10 May 2012 Social Event - Business Cocktail (18:30)
  • 11 May 2012 Bilateral Meetings (09:30 - 13:00)

How it works:

The meetings will be scheduled on the basis of the online catalogue hosted by a specific online website. http://www.b2match.eu/meetzebexpert/pages/home

The ZEB members will submit in the online catalogue their Subtasks and/or Host Organization profiles where will be specified their expertises, interests and “target meetings”.

The Guests selected by the main Coordinator of the event  will submit in the online catalogue their Company or Host Organization Profile.

The catalogue will be available and browse-able online, where the complete list of participants will be available.
Registered Guests who, on the basis of the online catalogue, identify interesting contacts of the ZEB members to meet can request a one-to-one meeting via the online meeting request form.

Shortly before the beginning of the event, the ZEB members and the Local Participants will receive their individual meeting schedule by email.


Fecha de celebración: Jueves, 10 Mayo, 2012 - 15:00 Europa/Madrid

Fecha fin de celebración: Viernes, 11 Mayo, 2012 - 13:00

Fecha límite de inscripción: Lunes, 30 Abril, 2012 - 17:00

Lugar de celebración:


Persona de contacto: Lucía Díaz Martín

Teléfono: 955 00 74 76

E-mail: lucia.diaz.martin@juntadeandalucia.es

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